[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crises are always opportunities – they are there to be invented anew. Successfully seizing opportunities requires courageous, creative, collaborative and innovative decisions! We are convinced that opportunities can be found even in crises.

The arrival of Andreas Halbleib in 2018 has already initiated a new direction for QUO AG. In concrete terms, this means in this case to strengthen the strengths and to expand the value chain. Known in the market as an innovation service provider, QUO AG focused its attention on development, pure engineering implementation, testing and industrialization, demonstrating its capabilities in the market. Having just really gained traction, the successful implementation of the strategy experienced quite a slowdown due to COVID-19. Development orders were frozen or postponed and many industries are still behaving very hesitantly in these uncertain times. And it is precisely now – in times of great challenges – that we see the greatest opportunity to invest and have strategically chosen this moment to rebuild and reposition our MedTech business unit. In the course of this, we are not only strengthening the interdisciplinary team of QUO AG in breadth, but also in depth.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Stefan Gaul and Mr. Robert Lurf, two highly experienced and specialized innovators and implementers from the MedTech industry, on board. Their expertise in medical technology will contribute to the successful strategic realignment and their broad know-how and skills from other industries will further strengthen the existing sectors. QUO AG has thus gained high-quality know-how in the midst of the crisis and is investing in a sustainable foundation to further build and expand the MedTech business unit and strengthen the other sectors.

With this strategic refocusing, QUO AG is adapting to the changing market conditions and is refilling key positions and certain functions.

QUO AG thus remains cross-industry, even if a new focus is set with the MedTech business unit. The strategic goal is to build up further business units in the future in order to respond sustainably to market needs, to grow in breadth and thus also to focus on the development of employees.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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