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Even in the pre-Christmas period we at QUO still give everything for our customers! We are all the more pleased to welcome two new faces to our team who will also be fully committed to the success of our customers in the future! We are happy to give Helen and Olivier the floor for a short introduction:


With each project, QUO is able to tackle a new challenge without bias, in cooperation with an interdisciplinary team. This and the product development process from a vague idea to the finished product fascinates me and has motivated me to become part of the QUO team. The varied study of mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich has equipped me optimally to continually learn new things and to keep digging until I also understand those things that are not familiar to me. During my studies I was able get to know the possibilities and limitations of additive manufacturing in various projects and intensively dealt with the design for metal 3D printing (SLM). During this time and during repeated CAD assistances, I gained a deeper insight into (freeform) CAD design. In addition, I was able to supervise several product development projects during my studies. This and various lectures such as “Methods in the Innovation Process”, “Coaching Students” and “Design Thinking” enabled me to gain experience in coaching and product development methodology. Especially the supervision of teams has always been a lot of fun for me, because I was able to get to know many interesting personalities and individually respond to the different types. I am now looking forward to contributing my extensive knowledge from my studies to QUO’s project work and to realizing innovative projects for our customers together with the team.


With my studies in mechanical engineering at the ETH, I pursue the activities of the “modern” inventor and research new technologies. I focus on engineering design, mechanics and materials. In addition to abstract, solution-oriented thinking, I also like the spirit of innovation that I have already demonstrated in various product development projects. I am fascinated by prototyping and like to be guided by agile principles such as “fail early and often”. I am very happy to share this enthusiasm as part of QUO’s interdisciplinary team and continue to gain practical experience in the industry. The diversity of the projects and the direct connection to the real world with the workshop and test laboratory make the working environment at QUO particularly interesting. During my time at QUO, I hope to gain insights into different areas of product development and, among other things, to be able to incorporate my CAD knowledge and handicraft skills. As a former shift manager at a freestyle sports park, interpersonal contact is very important to me in my working life and I see this as an important cornerstone for successful and sustainable development cooperation. I am convinced that I will complement the QUO team perfectly in this respect as well. We are looking forward to our future cooperation with Helen and Olivier and wish you a good start with QUO!

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