I’ve been driven by the fascination of understanding things and developing something out of them since I was young. A degree in Materials Science at ETH Zurich has allowed me to turn this very passion into my profession. Every day, I am reminded anew of how enjoyable it is to understand and use the diverse connections between basic chemical and physical laws and the macroscopic properties of materials in applications. Out of personal interest, I majored in optical and electronic materials, especially in the field of alternative energy sources. Over the last five years, I was able to contribute and expand this knowledge on a daily basis in the development of materials for printed electronics such as solar cells or more energy-efficient monitors while working for my previous employer. From the synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles to dispersion technology through to the optimisation of various printing processes, the technical tasks were just as exciting as the planning of production plants, supporting customers from all over the world and planning in European research projects. I hope that I will be able to actively support QUO with my technical and organisational expertise and my fascination for new things. Conversely, I am also sure that I can learn a great deal from this fantastic and extremely interdisciplinary team. I’m delighted to be a part of the QUO team.

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