Franziska Fleischli und Michele Vanoni QUO



At QUO, our customers benefit from an extensive know-how pool and a wealth of knowledge from various fields such as materials science, product development, mechanical engineering and industrial design. QUO owes a large part of this comprehensive expertise to its team. We are delighted that two new faces have recently joined our interdisciplinary team and welcome Franziska Fleischli and Michele Vanoni to QUO!

In the following they introduce themselves personally:


What unites me with QUO is the desire to think outside the box, to combine the new with the proven and to expand thematically. That’s why I’m thrilled to enrich this young, dynamic and interdisciplinary team and look forward to a variety of challenges.
I am a materials scientist with heart and soul. The study of materials science opened the broad horizon of the natural sciences to me. The curiosity to explore new areas and look beyond the horizon is unbroken. In addition to experience in academic research, I also have experience in industrial development. The topics range from organic electronics, polymers and spectroscopy to cosmetic products such as sunscreen.
I prefer to work where the challenges are recognized but the solution is not obvious. Innovation begins in the mind and on a blank sheet of paper.


My passion is to create and develop new and innovative products. I like to analyse the whole spectrum of product development, from the first brainstorming to the final product.
During my mechanical engineering studies at ETH Zurich, I was able to expand my skills in the areas of design, FE simulation, structural optimization, lightweight structures, prototype construction, additive manufacturing and composite materials.
Challenges motivate me and I enjoy finding new solutions that make it possible for a particular product to meet all requirements.
I am very happy to support the interdisciplinary team at QUO, where I can work in a variety of areas due to the diversity of projects.
Now I am looking forward to this new adventure and the opportunity to work in such an innovative and dynamic company.

We at QUO are delighted to have found Franziska and Michele, two competent new team members, and wish them continued success!

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