methodological competence as key to success


At QUO AG, the motto for 2019 is “Success through change”. The focus thereby is clearly on our customers. Especially on supporting them in their diverse projects and ensuring their long-term success by bringing in methodological competence.


In order to be successful in the long term, you must proceed in a structured and planned manner. Thus it is essential to choose the right method or methodologies to be implemented in the project . QUO has an interdisciplinary team, which has an extensive repertoire of methodological competence due to its diverse educational and experience backgrounds. Over the past 20 years and more than 500 innovative projects, we have also acquired a great deal of know-how in various methodologies.


However, QUO does not only open the existing toolbox to support its customers. On the contrary: If necessary, QUO uses its expertise to develop new, individually adapted methods for its customers. In order to support customers in their search for new business areas, QUO has developed a method that enables customers to systematically deal with very broad questions. It combines an internal and an external view on the company and allows the customer to repeat the process at a later point in time without losing the overview.


QUO has a broad spectrum of methodological competence, including the following areas: Innovation, technology scouting, usability engineering, project management, technology transfer, product development, workshop, laboratory and testing.


Design thinking, cross-industry approaches, open innovation – the number of innovation methods and techniques is almost infinite. Over the years we were able to acquire a large repertoire of innovation methods and have already applied this know-how in numerous projects. If desired, we will hold an innovation workshop at the beginning of a project together with you. During this workshop, new ideas are collected, examined and evaluated with regard to their feasibility and relevance. In the further course of the project, the most promising ideas are developed further so we can ensure that the final product meets the requirements of your various stakeholders.

Technology scouting

QUO supports its customers in keeping its finger on the pulse of the times. This includes, for example, support in the area of technology scouting. The relevant markets are evaluated according to the customer’s specifications and new technological developments and processes that are relevant for the customer company are searched for. Based on the results, QUO advises its customers on meaningful new and further product developments so that they can meet the changing demands of their target groups.

Usability Engineering

In order to develop successful products and technologies, it is essential to ensure that the requirements of potential users are met. Usability engineering considers the capabilities, limitations and behavior of the target group during product development.
QUO supports its customers with extensive know-how to ideally adapt their future products and processes to the requirements of the users.

Project Management

QUO supports its customers with a specifically developed, lean and transparent project management method. It goes without saying that we maintain close contact with our customers during the course of the project and inform them about the current development status, budget, results and time requirements at an early stage. Careful and competent project management at QUO ensures that both sides can concentrate on their main task, the development of groundbreaking products and technologies.

Technology Transfer

Thanks to its deep scientific understanding and many years of experience, QUO has the ability to correctly grasp technological developments and incorporate this understanding into product and technology developments for its customers. This guarantees that QUO develops technologically outstanding products and pro-cesses for and with its customers!

Product development

QUO supports its customers holistically in the product development process. On the one hand, this means that the team of industrial designers is involved in the process at an early stage in order to ensure the greatest possible user-friendliness. On the other hand, holistic support for us means that we can offer our customers the right method for every phase within their product development process. The entire product development process is covered and competently supported, starting with the search for ideas, through analysis and concept development, to prototyping and functional testing, right up to the implementation in a final prototype.

Workshop, laboratory and testing

In theory, most product ideas sound great at first. It gets really exciting when the products, processes or technologies are tested with regard to their functionality for the first time. Having its own in-house workshop and test laboratory, QUO enables its customers to build functional samples right through to prototypes as well as to perform functional tests without long distances and waiting times. Following the tests, the data obtained is evaluated and prepared in such a way that the findings can flow into the further development steps. In this way, QUO achieves its goal of working together with its customers to develop tomorrow’s products, processes and technologies that meet the requirements of the target group.

Test our methodological competence

The methodological competence of QUO is varied and only the most important ones could be presented in the previous text. However, QUO is happy to prove its capabilities in projects. Get in touch with us! We will be happy to advise you on the best approach for your next project. Take the opportunity and develop your own team into methodology specialists.

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