Liquids and gases under control: Innovation in cryogenic components, special valves and level gauges

WEKA is the market-leading manufacturer of cryogenic components for use under extremely low temperatures or other extreme operating conditions. In addition, WEKA produces special valves for niche markets as well as level gauges for liquids based on the magnetic float principle.

Areas of application

– Liquefaction of gases
– Hydrogen infrastructure
– Space infrastructure
– Plasma and Fusion Research
– Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
– Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals
– Power generation
– Water management
– Shipbuilding
– Machinery & Equipment

As a medium-sized company, WEKA reacts quickly and flexibly to customer requests. Thanks to their extensive experience and sound competence, WEKA employees develop, manufacture and test tailor-made solutions for individual requirements. A fully integrated TQM system guarantees the high quality and production standards WEKA stands for.

WEKA achieves over 90 percent of its turnover in the international market. The distribution of level measuring instruments is carried out via a worldwide agency network. WEKA is an internationally respected and well-known brand.

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