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With full power into the New Year!

2019 is slowly coming to an end and we at QUO are already gathering our strength for 2020. In the coming year we want to continue to accelerate together with our customers and support them in the development of trend-setting products and technologies. For this purpose, we have brought further competent support on board with Julian Rudow and Peter Hangartner. In the following we leave the floor to both of them for a short introduction:

JULIAN RUDOW, development engineer:

Whether gears, design, pneumatics, statics or everything combined: Problems with the potential to create something new have always fascinated me. All this together with an innovative and agile team as you find it at QUO lets me go home satisfied in the evening. It was already during my professional training as a design engineer in the field of automation components for sheet metal processing machines at Trumpf Maschinen AG that I realized that I would then complete a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. The part-time studies enabled me to gain further experience as a product manager in preliminary and new development projects. In addition, I was able to develop my technical understanding and my affinity for the shaping of serial parts in a project on Industry 4.0, where the focus was on IOT and the networking of machine parts. A change from the highly technological and structured world of automation to the pre- and concept development of office furniture offered the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the exciting field of design language as well as working freely with design thinking. Subsequently, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream by working as a bicycle courier. As a courier you are always under pressure and learn to make decisions when short on time and pressed for performance without losing concentration. This ability now proves to be very useful in the world of machine technology. In all my activities, one thing has always been important to me: A great team! Because every task, no matter how difficult and challenging it is, can be solved more efficiently by teamwork. I am therefore particularly pleased to be part of QUO’s interdisciplinary team!

PETER HANGARTNER, development engineer:

During my mechanical engineering studies at the ETH, I became aware of QUO. I immediately took up QUO’s offer to complete an internship while taking on responsibility in customer projects right from the start. For six months I was able to work as part of this young and creative team. The drive in the projects as well as the creativity with the help of which unpredictable solutions are generated, convinced me. After several years of professional experience as a project manager in product development, it was time for a job change after a longer journey and I was given the opportunity to return to QUO. I am now very happy to support the creative minds at QUO in the changing challenges of the diverse customer projects! We wish Julian and Peter a good start at QUO and good luck with their work!

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