Design meets Technology

The interaction of design and technology is an important component of the product development process: By combining different perspectives at an early stage in the development process, the course is set for a well thought-out end product. This applies especially to the areas of technical feasibility, usability and product semantics.

Highest Quality at the highest Level

For QUO, user-oriented product design is just as important as technical development. QUO sees the polarity of these two aspects as a strategic challenge that is necessary to guarantee the degree of innovation and quality of a product at the highest level. To ensure this, classical development processes are supplemented with design-driven elements such as rapid prototyping, visualisations and the development of various scenarios.

Product visualizations at an early stage in the development process enable our customers to better present their product ideas in discussions with potential investors and thus offer a good basis for negotiation.

Experience, competence and a solid network

The close cooperation between technical development and industrial design enables an efficient realization of projects in which the technical solution is uncompromisingly combined with the design. For the implementation of individual production steps, QUO can draw on a large network of know-how carriers and manufacturing partners to ensure efficient project progress.
The open infrastructure, the familial cooperation and the active exchange within the interdisciplinary team at QUO allow the development of common visions. These unite different points of view and are often successful precisely because of this “best-of-all-worlds” principle.

QUO has already proven its competence in the field of “design meets technology” in several projects.

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