Innovative product development describes the process from the initial idea to the marketable product. In most cases, this process is interdisciplinary, as various experts are involved in the development. For example, from design engineers, to material scientists, to engineers and designers. In some cases, product development goes hand in hand with process optimization. In this situation, manufacturing and industrialization experts are usually consulted to determine and demonstrate optimization and savings potential for the respective company.
With its interdisciplinary team, QUO combines all necessary know-how under one roof and can therefore offer its customers an allround service in this area. If desired, even with the implementation of a change process in the company.

The product development process is roughly divided into four phases: Planning, concept development, design phase and implementation. The first two phases include the search for ideas, feasibility study and the development of a detailed product concept. While the design phase includes all work up to the prototype and the implementation phase the elaboration of the prototype with regard to final design and functionality up to serial production. This classic textbook way of product development is nowadays often replaced by more agile product development methods, such as Scrum, which allow a higher flexibility. This is due to the fact that in this method small “work packages” are processed and thus after each intermediate step there is the possibility to adapt the further steps to the results obtained from the previous phase or to changed legal, economic or production-related conditions. But QUO not only uses the innovation methods commonly known today. It has developed its own agile methods based on its 20 years of experience and successfully placed them on the market.

Product development in medical technology – a special case

Medical product development presents companies with further challenges in addition to the classic product development steps. Due to the high degree of regulations and legal requirements that must be observed, a great deal of know-how is required here with regard to approvals, materials and safety management. QUO has access to a large network of experts and can therefore guarantee compliance with the important applicable standards and guidelines for medical product development, such as the MDR, which comes into force in 2020.

Product development as part of the innovation process

In order to be successful on the market in the long term, companies today are forced to establish a continuous innovation process. The aim of this is to take into account the social, political and economic trends and developments on the market and to recognize the emerging demands of the customers at an early stage in order to react to them correctly.
The further development of existing products is one way of extending the product life cycle. But it is also important for companies to meet the new needs of the target group with new products and technologies. QUO can also support its customers in this area with Trend analysis and technology scouting.
QUO is your competent partner for product development. Our interdisciplinary team combines know-how from various fields such as construction, engineering, design, usability, medicine and material science. Based on the more than 500 projects for different industries we have realized so far, we have gained extensive cross-industry knowledge. This enables us to develop unusual solutions for your project. We have learned that these very solutions sometimes make the decisive difference.

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