Switzerland is considered the cradle of innovation. This is confirmed by a glance at the ranking of the Global Innovation Index. In 2019, for the ninth consecutive year, Switzerland took the top spot as the most innovative country in the world. But what are innovations? What criteria does a product or technology have to meet in order to really be a Swiss innovation?
New products or technologies are only truly innovative when they have an impact on the everyday lives of consumers. They must therefore meet an existing need in the market. Innovation generates a noticeable added value for the users.

In order to really demonstrate a high degree of innovation, it is important for companies to implement innovations that aim to improve existing products and thus extend their product life cycle. On the other hand, a high degree of innovation capability consists in being able to develop products or technologies that have the potential to revolutionize existing attitudes, behaviors or expectations and therefore are completely new.
Particularly in Switzerland, a high-price country without significant raw material deposits, one’s own creativity and inventiveness are a great asset.

The Swiss Technology Award as an incentive for more Swiss innovation

Incentives such as the Swiss Technology Award, which is presented annually at the Swiss Innovation Forum, are a great incentive for companies to invest more resources in research and development and thus promote “Innovation Switzerland”. In order to receive this award, companies are encouraged to continuously observe the developments and future trends in the market. They have to find out what influence these changes can have on their own competitiveness. Therefore, make sure to take the right measures at an early stage. In the best case, companies recognize the trends early enough to be able to develop a solution for needs that are just emerging and thus become pioneers for a new technology.
QUO AG has already “won” this coveted award twice with its product developments for its customers. This is an extraordinary achievement and is something you will not find a second time.

Interdisciplinarity and cross-industry cooperation as key to success

In many cases, the influence of non-industry specific solutions for the development of successful products is underestimated. In our almost 20 years of company history, we at QUO have often seen innovative solutions adapted from technologies or processes that are actually foreign to the industry. So a cross industry innovation has brought the desired breakthrough or success.
The interdisciplinarity of our team, in which the most diverse backgrounds, such as materials science, industrial design, medical technology and mechanical engineering, come together to produce surprising and unexpected ideas time and again. We would be happy to think “out-of-the-box” for you and convince you with our diverse competencies.
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