Usability Engineering

Usability Engineering means the development of a product or process based on the knowledge of the behaviour, skills and limitations of potential users. Usability engineering is used in particularly in the development of mechanical and software-controlled user interfaces and systems in order to improve their effective use.


Usability Engineering and User Experience combined for maximum customer benefit

Usability Engineering and User Experience combined for maximum customer benefit
The products, processes and technologies that QUO develops for and with its customers are only truly successful if they can be used by the desired users in the defined application context and if the users reach the desired goal efficiently, effectively and in a satisfactory manner. In order to ensure this, QUO uses usability engineering and incorporates all aspects of the user experience, i.e. the product, the customer organization and its services.

QUO supports you in the areas of Usability Engineering, Human Factor Engineering and User Experience with an extensive repertoire of methods and tools in order to further develop your individual products and projects with the best possible quality and efficiency and thereby guaranteeing the greatest possible user friendliness.

QUO offers you various tools and services for this purpose:

  • Contextual product development
  • Usage context analysis
  • Personas
  • Task model
  • Usage scenario
  • User Journey
  • Usability evaluation
  • Usability test
  • Qualitative user survey
  • Interview
  • Contextual Interview
  • Focus group
  • Diary study
  • Quantitative user survey


Experience and competence

QUO has already proven its know-how in usability engineering, human factor engineering and user experience in various projects.

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