Analyses and concept development

The analysis and concept development involves the unbiased and systematic examination of a problem as well as the identification of possible solutions by a team of specialists. The identified potential solutions are then checked for their suitability and developed into technical concepts.

The right concept for your needs

QUO bases its analysis and concept development on the individual requirements of the customer and defines the areas for which an analysis or concept development is required together with them. Product development, penetrating new markets and specific technical requirements for existing products are possible areas for this.

A typical analysis and concept development process for product development includes the following phases:

  • Analysis of the initial situation
    o Identification of relevant stakeholders
    o Customer survey
    o Competition analysis
    o Market analysis
    o Development of requirements and evaluation criteria
  • Definition of the question / search fields
  • Structured idea search with specifically suitable methods
  • Deepening, evaluating and selecting ideas
  • Compilation of solution approaches into suitable concepts

Experience and competence

QUO has already successfully applied its extensive competence in the field of analysis and concept development in over 500 projects.

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