Consulting for increasing energy efficiency, plant and machine performance

Investments in plant and machinery are long-term. Therefore, the equipment is often not state-of-the-art and is not adapted to changing requirements. Extensions are often implemented independently of the existing system. This offers potential for increasing energy efficiency and performance across the entire system.

Optimization through system analysis

QUO takes a holistic view of a system of plants, machines or process steps and uncovers unused potential for saving resources, increasing performance and improving process safety.
On the basis of the analysis, alternative solutions and concepts are searched for, their cost is estimated and compared with the existing potential.

QUO provides the following services for you in this respect:

  • Analysis of the overall system
  • Calculation and Simulation
  • Finding and evaluating solutions (independently or in joint workshops)
  • Measurement planning and implementation
  • Construction

Experience and competence

QUO has many years of experience from cross-industry projects.

Our experts will be happy to advise you: