Business Development: Strategic decision for corporate success

Business Development is aimed not only at the further development of existing markets, but in particular at opening up potential new business areas. A strategic and systematic approach is very important for entrepreneurs dealing with business development. First of all, it is necessary to assess the actual situation of the own company. Strategic management tools, such as the product-market-matrix, offer assistance in this. With these tools, the positioning of the own company can be evaluated with regard to competition, legal, political and social situation. Based on these assessments, strategic decisions can then be made for further development in new markets or with new products.

In addition to considering the external situation, it is also important for the further development of the company to know and correctly assess its own strengths. This can be supported by a SWOT analysis, for example.

Strategic partnership: Business development as teamwork

In general, the development of new, possibly foreign markets is always associated with risks for companies. It is time and cost intensive. In addition, a large geographical distance from the home market makes it difficult to assess one’s own positioning in the market.

Strategic partnerships are therefore helpful. This can be done by bundling the respective strengths in joint products and services, or by sharing resources that are important for both partners. In this way you reduce costs for the individual and increase the profitability and competitiveness of the companies involved. In addition, cooperation enables both partners to concentrate on their respective core competencies.

QUO AG – Your partner for business development in Zurich

Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach and many years of cross-industry experience from more than 500 innovation projects, QUO brings a wealth of know-how and the necessary outside perspective to the cooperation with its customers. As we have often experienced that developments from one industry can be transferred to another, resulting in unusual approaches to technology and product development, we are a competent business development consultant for our customers. This is because we look at your situation from a non-industry perspective and help you to identify potential for new markets or product diversification where you would not expect it.

For this purpose we use various techniques, such as Design Thinking, to generate ideas together with you. Book your innovation workshop with us today and look forward to the ideas for the further development of your company, which we will develop together with you. You are also welcome to contact us for a first non-binding consultation: 044 307 40 60 or

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