Business Plan

A business plan forms the strategic decision-making basis, among other things for company foundation, company development, purchase or sale of a company, product launches with investment requirements, succession planning and the acquisition of business partners.

We are at your side – for your success

QUO’s declared goal is to accompany our customers throughout the product development process, from the initial product idea to the production-ready product. To achieve this, we can draw on extensive technical knowledge and many years of experience. In addition, QUO also supports its customers in the development of a business plan, be it for the entire company, e.g. for start-ups, or for certain business areas which are to be newly established.

Our experience in carrying out market analyses, developing market or product strategies and evaluating market trends supports us in drawing up the right business plan in cooperation with you. Together with you, we analyze your direct and indirect competition with regard to your individual product or product portfolio as well as possible market risks and market opportunities. If needed, we can accompany you through the entire value creation process:

  • Financial and technical feasibility analysis
  • Forecast for business segment development
  • Strategic analysis
  • Funding support
  • Product design
  • Prototype development
  • Industrialisation

Experience and competence

QUO uses its extensive knowledge, its interdisciplinary team of experts and its many years of experience to develop realistic business plans together with its customers. QUO has already supported several companies in the development of a business plan.

Our experts will be happy to advise you.