Circular Design – developing for the cycle

Circular design forms the basis for developing recyclable products. The focus is on how a product becomes part of a new product at the end of its life cycle. Sophisticated design and material decisions and the development of services make this possible.

Developing sustainable innovation potential with Circular Design

We are convinced that good recycling management starts with product design and is an integral part of it. Not only manufacturing, but also packaging, services and recycling are directly integrated.

Sustainable through recyclable products

After a consideration of the needs and requirements, the following points of view are examined: Modularity, intelligent material selection, product as a service, extension of product life, inherent intelligence and closed loop / take-back. In this way we lay the foundation for a product suitable for recycling and break away from well-trodden paths to enter new territory.

Circular Design with QUO

Our circular design process is structured as follows and can be repeated as often as you like:

Needs and requirements: Analysis of the needs and requirements that the product must meet in the circular design process.
Perspectives: Consideration of different points of view: Modularity, Intelligent Material Selection, Product as a Service, Extension of Product Lifetime, Inherent Intelligence and Closed Cycle / Take-Back).
Design: Idea evaluation and translation into concepts suitable for closed loop
Verification: Developed concepts are verified by means of prototypes and user tests.


This method shows quickly and efficiently where the potential for an improved circulation lies. The developed concepts are focused on the needs of the users and the recyclability and offer the possibility to open up new innovation potential.

QUO is your competent partner. Our interdisciplinary team combines know-how from various fields, such as construction, engineering, design, usability, medicine and material sciences. Due to the more than 500 projects we have realized so far, we are able to develop unusual solutions for your project. We have made the experience that sometimes exactly these solutions make the decisive difference.