Coaching and accompanying change processes, as well as knowledge transfer

Every product and process development entails a change process that has an influence on the departments of production, processing, sales and marketing. These also have to implement changes in relation to the new product or process. However, necessary change processes are often neglected and over 75% of them are not implemented in the desired time and with the previously calculated resources. The planning of a conscious change process is therefore inevitable.

We accompany you

QUO supports you in the conscious planning of your change process.
We support you:

  • With the analysis of the fields of change
  • In the information and training of your executives, including the appropriate change techniques and
  • By accompanying your team and your management team during the entire change process.

Our competence in this area

QUO has many years of experience in implementing change processes. This experience has shown that it is important to involve the entire team. QUO also has solid psychological knowledge about people’s behaviour in change processes. A strong team formation on the part of the executives is of great importance for a successful completion of the process and is accompanied by QUO with well-founded know-how, which QUO has already proven in the past.

Our experts will be happy to advise you:

Our experience

QUO has already proven this in the following projects:

  • IVF Traumabox
  • SAA

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