CFD / Flow simulation – Thermo- and fluid dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an established method in fluid mechanics. QUO experts carry out CFD calculations and are proficient in the methodology of thermal and fluid dynamics. In the following, fluid mechanical problems are solved approximately and with numerical methods. A CFD simulation makes it possible to examine even complex components with regard to their fluidic and thermodynamic properties, thus representing a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to sometimes costly experiments. Furthermore, numerical fluid mechanics makes the following visible in particular:

  • Flows and thermal processes
  • Aerodynamics
  • Turbulence
  • Pressure losses
  • Energy and heat flows
  • Induced loads on mechanical structures

For industrial sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace, building services engineering, healthcare, turbo machinery, cooling and ventilation, and the energy industry, flow simulation can also reveal a great deal of optimization potential.

CFD simulation (flow simulation) in product development

Flow simulations can be used to efficiently design product development or device development. CFD is used for flow investigations in products such as valves, piping or heat exchangers. The individual component geometries can be optimised on the basis of findings from numerical fluid mechanics. In the case of many products and processes, thermal and fluid dynamic effects also play an important role.

Often companies lack the know-how for thermo- and fluiddynamics, which is why these effects are neglected in the analysis.

Extensive expertise CFD

QUO offers an exceptional combination of know-how in the fields of mechanics, materials engineering and thermo- and fluid dynamics. For this reason, we are able to work on adjacent topics such as corrosion, cavitation, thermal material fatigue, etc. in parallel to CFD calculations and thus define an optimal design. QUO’s expertise includes design engineering as well as analytical calculations, measurements and computational simulations of thermal processes. We also carry out gas and fluid flows in processes and products. We always focus on the customer’s goal – namely the optimization or perfection of processes and products. Therefore QUO also offers a wide range of services in the field of flow simulation.

Our services in the field CFD / thermo- and fluid dynamics:

  • CFD calculations of simple flow structures and complex systems (internal or with the help of external partners)
  • Interpretation of the results and resulting optimization of the components
  • Verification and interpretation of the meaningfulness of the results by means of analytical reference calculation or measurements (partly in cooperation with external partners)
  • Evaluation of the existing design and development of optimized design variants
  • Reporting
  • Analysis of existing processes and products with regard to the influence of thermo- and fluid dynamic effects and search for alternative solutions and concepts
  • Research of heat and cold generators suitable for the process
  • Analytical estimates and calculations
  • Thermal and mechanical FEM/CFD calculations
  • Representation of energy flows and balances
  • Development of simulation models and calculation tools
  • Performance of experiments and measurements and comparison with the simulation
  • Optimization of plants and subsystems


  • Refrigeration technology
  • Heat pumps
  • Peltier elements
  • Heat transfer
  • Cold and heat generation
  • Gas and fluid flows
  • Humidity problems (e.g. condensation water, air drying)

Because we are passionate about our work and committed to it, we are happy to contribute our expertise to our customer projects in order to develop successful products and technologies of the future together with you. In any case, our interdisciplinary team – with a sound scientific background – is looking forward to working with you.