Construction technology: Design and development

Constrution technology is the process of designing technical products and systems. In order to be able to solve the increasingly complex tasks, broad specialist knowledge, suitable methods and tools are required.

In this respect, the core task of the design engineer starts with product planning and the formulation of a task. This is followed by the elaboration of solutions and the process of developing a machine up to the actual production plant. But also the testing and commissioning of the plant are the tasks of our mechanical engineers.

Design process in construction technology: An important component

Design plays a central role within the development process of a product. QUO also involves its designers at an early stage in the product development process. Together with the customer, we develop a list of requirements based on a product idea. The customer-specific wishes and requirements are always taken into account. The list of requirements also includes technical and physical conditions, such as performance or maximum space requirements, as well as key operational data, such as maximum manufacturing costs.

Initially, it reflects the main functions without setting any particular priorities. In order to find possible solutions in a targeted manner, the main function of the product or system is analyzed in a targeted manner (functional analysis). The functions are identified, classified, and linked to each other step by step, and thus recorded in a function tree or function structure. The realization of the product is not yet considered at this stage.

Based on the elaborated basics, the designers of QUO develop solutions and document them in the form of concepts. At the same time, properties are also defined which form the basis for the subsequent steps in the product development process.

Design solutions: The CAD system

CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design, a software application used to create digital design models of various kinds. This has the advantage that it is possible to optimize for different factors and ultimately simulate the entire system.

In addition, there is the possibility of easily deriving documents in the form of a drawing, for example.

Product Data Management (PDM) is the use of software to manage product data and process-related information in a single, central system. This information includes CAD data, models, part information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes and documents.

With these two systems, all information is broadly available to produce the desired product.

QUO works with these systems. We build individual parts up to complete systems and our designers provide you with detailed CAD drawings. It is also possible for us to pass on to our customers our knowledge and expertise in this area.

Design solutions: The FEM calculation

The Finite Element Method (FEM) or FEM calculation is largely concerned with calculating the internal stresses and the resulting deformation of a structure under various loads. In this way, weak points in a construction can be found, calculated and visualized. Based on an FEM calculation, the optimization measures are then worked out. In order to prove the strength of the construction, for example, strength proofs for connections and individual parts are also created in the context of the overall system. Such a strength calculation also provides the designer or development engineer with legal security.

Design solutions: The CFD calculation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an established method of fluid mechanics. Its goal is to solve fluid mechanical problems approximately with numerical methods. The motivation for this is that important problems such as the calculation of the drag coefficient very quickly lead to non-linear problems which can only be solved exactly in special cases. Numerical fluid mechanics then offers a cost-effective alternative to often very expensive experiments.


Efficient control of challenging projects in construction technology with QUO

QUO combines many years of experience in design engineering and product development with sound know-how, which we have built up over the years in a wide range of industries. With our knowledge in FEM and CFD calculations we have access to important design solutions. Thus our customers are supported holistically in the development of new products. Our customers also benefit from short distances and the possibility to react quickly to new findings. These can then be immediately incorporated into the further development of the product.

Benefit from our know-how and contact us if you have any questions or need further information, simply by calling us on the following telephone number: +41 44 307 40 60 We will be happy to help you – whether by phone only or by offering you a free initial consultation where you can convince yourself of our expertise.

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