Cross-Industry Innovation: New technologies are an important component of the innovation culture

In today’s fast-moving times, it is increasingly important for companies to recognize new trends, developments and new technologies in good time in order to remain successful in the long term. Therefore, cross-industry innovation should not be a negligible part of the innovation management of companies. There are two different approaches: In the outside-in process, one looks for technological and/or industry-specific knowledge in other industries, which helps to solve an existing problem. It is not solved from the inside view alone. The Inside-Out process, on the other hand, means that a company uses existing knowledge and skills to develop new products, e.g. for newly emerging needs of the target group.

New technologies through cross-industry networking – Increasing innovative ability

Use cross-industry innovation not only “reactively”, i.e. at a point in time when it is already clear which problem needs to be solved. Instead, concentrate on close networking with companies outside your own industry. This makes sense because it gives a company early access to new future technologies, manufacturing processes, materials and other potentially relevant developments. Exploit these within the scope of cooperation for innovative products and technologies – all cooperation partners will gain a competitive advantage. This approach makes perfect sense for the innovation culture of individual companies. This is also shown by the fact that an estimated 80 percent of all innovations are a recombination of existing knowledge. This information is provided by workshops at the FHS Sankt Gallen. This means that most innovations are created by recombining existing know-how about markets, products, application principles, technologies or business models. The solution to the problem has thus been found.

You develop new technologies together with QUO

This is precisely where QUO’s specialisation comes into play for our customers. Through our cross-industry projects and working methods, we offer our customers two important factors for successful cross-industry innovation. Our solution: Interdisciplinarity in combination with cross-industry experience and thus the necessary ability to think outside the box. QUO has extensive know-how from a wide range of disciplines. This includes materials science, construction, design, usability engineering and industrialisation, and as your development partner, we will be happy to assist you. We have also gained a wealth of experience in over 500 projects from over 20 industries.

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