It is important for all companies that they recognize future trends early on, assess them correctly and also make use of them. This is especially true for technology companies, as developments in this area are advancing rapidly. Futurology offers various methods to identify such “future trends”. These include brainstorming, interviews with experts, scanning of specialist articles or trend analyses. Potential future developments are also predicted and evaluated by means of models and simulations, the development and analysis of future scenarios and the drafting of visions of the future. It is important that all these methods are based on existing data of past and present developments. Based on this data, conclusions are drawn as to what further developments will look like in the future.

However, this also means that futurology will never be a hundred percent accurate, instead it always remains speculation to a certain extent . QUO combines extensive expertise in technology scouting, trend analysis and market analysis with proven innovation methods such as brainstorming, design thinking and future labs. This enables us to support you in your research for relevant future trends. In addition, we can evaluate these for you and show you which process and product developments make sense for your company in order to keep your finger on the pulse.

Inventions of the future, whose development is already foreseeable today

Some future trends are already known to most of us. The following developments have already begun to find their way into our everyday lives and will continue to do so in the future:

  • Electric mobility, more efficient combustion engines, synthetic fuels and autonomous vehicles represent the future of locomotion.
  • The performance of computers will continue to increase. In just a few years, computers will be able to reach the performance of the human brain. This also has an impact on product development. NASA is already using “evolutionary” computer programs. With their help new products can be developed in the future. Based on a precise definition of the desired product, the computer produces a first generation of possible solutions at random. Simulations are used to check the extent to which these solutions fit the specifications. Subsequently, unsuitable products are eliminated and – as in evolution – variants (“mutations”) or combinations (“pairings”) of the good solutions are produced. This is repeated until the “perfect” end product is achieved.
  • The IoT trend, the networking of devices with each other, will also continue to advance. It is foreseeable that by 2020 there will already be 75 billion networked devices on earth.

Some of these inventions are already reality today and will only continue to progress. But one can imagine what is still possible, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Recognizing and correctly evaluating future trends will therefore remain important for all companies, especially since developments are progressing so rapidly.

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Our services in the field future trends:

  • Research of future trends
  • Identification of design and design trends
  • Confirmation / deepening of the researched trends through qualitative market surveys in defined target groups
  • Idea generation
  • Trend scouting: Analysis of your market and your customers with regard to new trends
  • Evaluation of the defined trends with regard to their relevance for your company


Quo has already gained extensive experience in more than 500 cross-industry innovation projects. We have a broad knowledge from different disciplines, such as material sciences, design, construction and simulation. We are happy to support you in the development of your future products and technologies. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment by phone 044 307 40 60 or email: info@quo.ch. Our interdisciplinary team will be happy to answer your questions.