Innovation methods

Anyone who really wants to be innovative has to proceed methodically. However, the choice of possible innovation methods is almost infinite. It is also important to find the right mix of methods for each problem in order to develop an optimal solution.

QUO has been able to develop a pool of innovation methods over the past few years, which has already been successfully applied in various projects.
This includes among others:

  • Design Thinking
  • Open Innovation
  • Cross-industry approaches
  • Inclusion of lead users in the development process

The right innovation methods for your success

QUO adapts the selection of innovation methods exactly to the task you specify and selects the most effective methods for your needs. In this way, we can ensure that reproducible success is achieved.

Experience and competence

QUO has already demonstrated its expertise in innovation methods in more than 500 projects. Have a look here.

Our experts will be happy to advise you:

Manuel Kallen

BA ZFH Industrial and
Product Design