Innovation workshop – an innovative and flexible approach

Long-term success is a declared goal for every company. An important aspect here is to identify new future trends in relevant markets, society and politics and to react to them promptly. In order to meet the new requirements of their own customers, innovations or a targeted innovation workshop for companies are indispensable.

In many cases, innovative ideas can be found within the company, among the employees. One way to increase the company’s internal innovative power is to hold a seminar to promote creativity. This is where employees often first become aware of their creative potential.

In order to develop new ideas for future products, technologies or services, an innovation workshop is an interesting approach. In this case, interdisciplinary groups are formed, which generate a variety of solutions during the workshop. By using various creativity techniques, such as brainstorming, idea marathon or the Design Thinking method, a large number of ideas on a given topic are first collected. Only in a second step are these ideas evaluated, clustered according to their relevance and feasibility and further elaborated.

Align workshops according to the intention

In general, innovation workshops can be divided into different types. These depend on the intention with which the workshop is conducted:

  • Trend-Based Innovation Workshops
  • Demand-oriented innovation workshops
  • Technology related innovation workshops or
  • Problem-oriented innovation workshops

Depending on the goal, the focus is always different. It is important that a concrete topic or search fields and guidelines are specified in each innovation workshop so that the solutions developed are also goal-oriented.

QUO offers many years of know-how

With almost 20 years of experience and more than 500 realized innovation projects in various industries, QUO is a competent partner who supports your company with sound innovation consulting.

Regardless of whether you would like to start by looking for initial ideas for potential new business areas, or whether you already have a concrete product idea and are looking for ways to implement it. Even if you are looking for ways to diversify your existing product portfolio, QUO has extensive knowledge of various creativity methods and will accompany you in an innovation workshop tailored to your individual needs.

If desired, we can also provide initial mock-ups of your future product in our in-house workshop. This way you can visualize your ideas immediately and gain valuable insights for the further development of your product!

QUO combines many years of know-how and an interdisciplinary team. This enables us to look at our customers’ challenges from a completely different perspective. In other words, this is often the reason why extraordinary solutions are created.

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