Innovative solutions as corporate DNA

It is innovative solutions that lead a company to long-term success. But what does innovation mean? Today, the term stands for new ideas, new technologies and inventions that find application on the market. Innovative solutions are essential for companies to survive today. Only those who are able to recognize important developments at an early stage and react to them with new or improved as well as innovative products and technologies can be successful in the market in the long term.

Truly innovative are those developments which are completely new and, in the best case, which take up and satisfy the needs of users which are only just emerging. It is important that the companies that launch such an innovation think about the protection of their new product or technology against free riders at an early stage. One possible measure is patent protection.

Due to its almost 20 years of existence, QUO has extensive experience in product development. Also with regard to standards, guidelines and approvals as well as patent law. This enables us not only to support our customers in the development of their future-oriented products and technologies, but also to carry out the important clarifications for the protection of our customers’ intellectual property.

Innovative solutions – lateral thinkers on the advance

In many cases, innovations are not primarily the result of external influences, i.e. societal, legal or social changes. Rather, they are usually initiated within the company by lateral thinkers among employees. They question the current situation and provide ideas for achieving improvements. This is true both in terms of what a company can offer and in terms of its competitiveness.

It is therefore important to develop and promote an appropriate corporate culture. This includes openness, creativity, exchange and freedom. Ideally, employees should have the opportunity to implement their ideas responsibly and collaborate with others. Innovative large companies and corporations follow exactly this path. They can keep up with the flexibility and speed of start-ups:

QUO is your partner for innovative solutions

We offer our customers an interdisciplinary team and extensive knowledge from a wide range of areas, such as construction solutions, simulation, design. In combination with our own portfolio of innovation methods, QUO is the ideal partner for the development of your innovative solutions. From the idea, through the manufacturing process to the prototype.

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