Material development and know-how

Choosing the right material is often the key to successful product development. In many cases, new developments in the field of materials even enable products that would not have been possible without them.

The right composition

QUO has a large repertoire of material knowledge and samples, which is continuously updated and expanded. If we come across interesting and cutting-edge materials during our research, they are stored in our material library so that we can build on this knowledge in future projects.

The trained materials scientists in our interdisciplinary team are happy to help our customers find the best materials for their respective products and support our customers with this:

  • Advice on material selection and processing
  • Material selection for product development
  • Material research and clarification
  • Basic chemical and physical questions
  • Material properties for calculations (FEM, thermodynamic simulations, CFD)

Experience and the right network

QUO has a well-founded understanding of materials, outstanding engineering know-how and many years of cross-industry experience. In combination with a broad network of independent experts, this enables us to take a holistic view on product development, to execute it and to increase the added value of the developed products and processes for our customers.

Our experts will be happy to advise you:

Franziska Fleischli QUO

Franziska Fleischli

Project Manager
PhD EPFL Material Science
+41 44 307 40 03

QUO Jonas Dunst

Jonas Dunst

Development Engineer
MSc ZFH Engineering
+41 44 307 40 02