Process development – from idea generation to market launch

Efficient processes are cash money for companies! The better the different workflows within the process chain are coordinated, the smoother the process of developing new products and services. This enables companies to improve their time-to-market and increase the efficiency of their own process development for the new product. And it does so directly from the initial idea to the market-ready product. For these reasons, investing time and resources in ongoing process development makes sense for all companies.

Process development and product development go hand in hand. From an entrepreneurial point of view, the purpose of both is to increase the company’s competitiveness by creating solutions that are more in line with market, time and cost requirements.

Process development deals with the improvement of process flows and is therefore mainly oriented towards the internal company. While product development aims to create new or improve existing products and services and is therefore mainly focused outside the company.

Process development – with expertise on efficient process design

QUO has many years of experience in product development and project management. In over 500 innovative projects from various industries, we have been able to contribute our knowledge and gain valuable insights. This enables us to individually assess the processes of our customers. We assess and optimise them, especially with regard to process safety, process design and process technology. Furthermore, we have experts in the field of product design as well as experts when it comes to finding and implementing the perfect design solutions.

Together with you, we start by analyzing your status quo: we examine the different process steps within your product development and work out ways to improve them. This improvement is aimed at in terms of processes and interfaces as well as costs and efficiency.

Process development – Holistic approach with QUO

The optimization of your process chain can be achieved both by redesigning your existing products and by adapting the materials used. In addition, the improvement of the manufacturing process or a cooperation with other, more cost-effective, suppliers is another option.

Our interdisciplinary team contributes extensive know-how to evaluate and improve your processes holistically. This includes designers, engineers, material scientists and manufacturing experts.

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