Project Management

Each project manager has his own toolbox, his own project management methods. Not every technique is suitable for every project. A successful project manager chooses the appropriate procedure for the corresponding situation from his portfolio.

Many years of experience and know-how ensure smooth processes

QUO’s lean and competent project management method ensures that your project goals are achieved within the specified time and with the resources provided, while maintaining full transparency with regard to budget and time requirements. In order to ensure this, QUO regularly seeks the exchange with the customer during the course of the project and provides timely information on current results, activities, time requirements and budget. In addition to a face-to-face meeting, our customers also have the option of conference calls or WebEx.

QUO adapts its project management method to the respective requirements of the project and combines them according to customer demands:

  • Project management according to phase model
  • Agile Project Management
  • Visual Project Management

Careful and competent project management creates the necessary conditions for creative and solution-oriented work, so that QUO and its customers can concentrate on their main task: the development of future-oriented products and processes.

Experience and competence

QUO has already successfully applied its project management methods in more than 500 projects

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