Research and development as the basis for continuous improvement

If you look at the different definitions of research and development, you will quickly find the common denominator. It covers all activities that are planned and systematically applied on the basis of scientific methods to acquire new knowledge.

The knowledge does not have to be completely new. In most cases it is sufficient if it is “new” for the respective industry or even just for the respective company and can thus contribute to innovative developments for that company.

In general, there are four functions into which research and development can be divided Basic research: This is primarily concerned with expanding the knowledge base of a company. It is about gaining new knowledge and experience. Regardless of whether these can be used for new developments or not.

  • Technology development: This area is specifically concerned with acquiring and expanding knowledge and skills that can solve existing problems through technical solutions.
  • Advanced development: In the run-up to any series and market-oriented product development, new technologies in this area are tested for their feasibility. The aim here is to anticipate the technical risk from later serial product development. Part of pre-development is usually “innovation management”, which is intended to generate new ideas, e.g. for product developments, with the help of creativity techniques, but also to uncover new trends by monitoring the relevant developments in the market, society, research and politics.
  • Product and process development: This area combines all potentials (knowledge, skills, processes and product pre-developments/prototypes) that have been identified in advance with the aim of integrating them into new developments and placing them on the market.

QUO offers comprehensive services in research and development

As one of the first innovation service companies in Switzerland, QUO has many years of experience in innovation methods and product development. With the help of technology scouting and trend analysis, we help you to identify the developments relevant to your company. In a joint innovation workshop, we generate ideas on how you can react to new requirements of your customers. We can then further develop promising ideas together with you, from the first sketch, through functional models, to a functional prototype type. If required, we also have a large network at our disposal, so that we can accompany you right up to series production.

Over the past 20 years, QUO has been able to demonstrate its extensive know-how in more than 500 cross-industry projects. We would be pleased to invite you to a non-binding consultation. Please contact us by phone: 044 307 40 60 or by email.

We look forward to welcoming you to our company!

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