Really good startup ideas are born from passion! Starting up a business is risky and the time until the first successes are achieved – if this happens at all – is long and sometimes nerve-racking. Therefore, it is important that prospective founders commit themselves to start-up ideas that are born from their passion. The business field should be something that the young entrepreneurs are passionate about, something they are really interested in. In such a case it is easier to fight through difficult phases of the new independence and one loses courage less quickly despite setbacks!
Especially startups need a reliable partner with Know-How in product development and establishing a product successfully on the market. Success and reliability are essential at this point and are linked to an interdisciplinary, cross-industry trained innovation team. QUO AG is just such a partner.

Development for Top 100 Start-ups in Switzerland

QUO has already carried out several successful projects for start-ups and has implemented start-up ideas in a targeted manner. Lunaphore SA, for example, ranks second in the current Top100 Startup List. QUO supported the young enterprise in the development of the beta prototype of its LabSatTM diagnostic device. The device enables the process of immunohistochemistry to be carried out much more efficiently. Thus, one obtains faster and at the same time high quality results.
QUO optimised the start-up idea of the Lausanne-based start-up company. The aim was to optimise the central, mechanical components of their device. QUO developed an ergonomic, professional-looking and user-friendly design for the housing. QUO also assisted in the selection of suitable materials to ensure the production of an initial small series. During the joint development, emphasis was also placed on transparent knowledge transfer, so that Lunaphore SA was able to independently assemble further prototypes of the device at the end of the project.
The extensive know-how in the fields of material science, industrial design, construction and engineering, which QUO combines thanks to its interdisciplinary team, benefited Lunaphore in this project.

Startup support through interdisciplinary work

Our interdisciplinary and cross-industry approach helps to turn visions of young companies into tangible ideas. It is also important to generate unconventional solutions. QUO is a reliable partner from the development of ideas to process development and prototype construction. Let us show you how QUO can support your development in a non-binding initial start-up consultation. Contact us by phone +41 44 307 40 60 or email: or follow us on LinkedIn for further information.

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