Technology Scouting as part of the innovation strategy

In technology scouting, one searches the market, economy, society and politics for new products, technologies, processes and guidelines, just like with a technology radar. The aim of this procedure is to detect new developments and patterns of behaviour that have the potential to bring about drastic changes with regard to the competitiveness, employee satisfaction or economic stability of your company. By means of technology scouting, you can identify relevant trends at an early stage. Therefore, adjust your company’s innovation strategy in such a way that these new technologies are taken into account and the development of your future products meets the demand.

Technology scouting is not limited to gaining relevant knowledge about new technological developments. In particular, it aims to acquire new technologies or start-ups in these areas in order to secure this know-how. The proximity to universities and research institutes is also very helpful in keeping up with the times.

Long-term technology management can secure the existence of companies

When researching new trends, it is important to find a balance between the consideration of the markets, target groups and economic and political conditions relevant to your company. But you should also always look beyond the horizon. Technology scouting should always include related industries, comparable markets and social developments in other countries to ensure that you don’t miss any important trends.

The more intensively and regularly you as an entrepreneur look at your relevant markets, the needs of your existing and future users and social developments, the more likely it is that you identify relevant trends early on. Thus your company can react adequately.

Many years of experience as an Innovation Scout

As one of the first innovation companies in Switzerland, QUO has a broad network consisting of our customers, partners and suppliers across all industries. This is completed by our external consultants, experts and active contacts with universities and research institutes. We offer our customers a variety of methods to identify the developments and trends relevant to them. These include cross-industry research across sectors and in-depth broad-spectrum research. But also trend analyses, future laboratory or empathetic future user research. With these tried and tested methods, we support you in defining new product and technology ideas. We also help you identify new market niches in which your company can become active.

QUO offers its customers a unique know-how mix of engineering, design, construction, material sciences and industrialization. This makes us unique in our area of expertise in the pre-development of physical products across all industries. We have already proven our expertise in over 500 interdisciplinary projects.

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  • Technical market analysis
  • Research and assessment of relevant technology trends
  • Assessment of short and long-term relevance for the customer
  • Cross-industry definition of technological developments
  • Knowledge transfer in relevant areas
  • Support for technological developments
  • Systematic observation of customer markets and industries

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