Sales Team QUO



Angelo Cammisa, our new Head of Sales, has already completed his probationary period and by now we cannot and do not want to imagine the team without him! With his positive and hands-on manner Angelo is a great enrichment for QUO.
Since May the sales team has been strengthened with Romina Rezaei. Together with Angelo, Romina looks after our customers and supports QUO in communicating their diverse services to our customers.

In the following we give Angelo and Romina some room for a short introduction:


After years of professional and management experience in telemarketing and direct sales, the challenge as Head of Sales at QUO came at exactly the right time. It was easy for me make a decision in favor of QUO because it is a cool, innovative company with enormous potential.
I’m looking forward to the variety of exciting projects and the ever-changing challenges. With my many years of experience in sales, I will actively support and expand the QUO sales team.


After more than twenty years of sales experience, the last four of which in the IT industry in the B2B sector, I was able to experience the rapid progress first hand and see the groundbreaking changes that are taking place in the world. In this respect, automation, energy efficiency and cost optimization are playing an increasingly important role.
With its curiosity for progressive solutions, the combination of interdisciplinarity and many years of know-how from different industries, QUO strives to implement these topics in its project work for its customers.
I am very happy to work with such an experienced team at QUO. No matter what the challenges, QUO has been developing individually tailored solutions for its customers for almost twenty years.
I am enthusiastic about the variety of ideas and the team-internal cooperation at QUO. In my role as Sales Support, I am delighted to be able to convince our customers of our work and our innovative projects and thus help shape the future of the company.

We are pleased to have Angelo Cammisa and Romina Rezaei, two experienced sales professionals, in our team. We wish them continued success in building up the QUO sales force.

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