Optimized packaging

Axetris AG

Customer and initial situation

Axetris AG is a leading company in the production of micro technology-based infrared emitters and laser gas sensors. Axetris AG sells its products, which are used in the industrial, telecommunications and environmental, medical and automotive sectors, worldwide.
One of Axetris AG’s goals in developing the LGD Compact Sensor was to save packaging costs without compromising on requirements such as strength and weight. With quota analysis, QUO AG has the right method for this.


The project was started directly with the quota analysis workshop, where cost saving potentials were worked out from customer and production perspective. These potentials served as the basis for ideation and evaluation of the effective savings potential.

Based on the rough concepts that emerged, two promising solutions were selected: the simplest and least expensive solution that could be implemented and a user-friendly, elegant packaging.

These two proposals could be created as a mock-up in the QUO laboratory and showed that the more user-friendly solution was a better fit for the high-quality product of the LGD Compact Sensor and the Axetris brand.

Equipped with the detailed concept, 3D data and renderings, a suitable supplier was evaluated.

Prior to the launch of the 0-series, a prototype was created to verify all functionalities and perform initial strength tests.


The optimized packaging scores in several areas.
It is only 1/3 of the size of the old packaging. This means that 2/3 of the shipping costs can be saved. The smaller shipping volume in turn has a positive impact on the environment, as more packages can be transported at once and significantly less packaging material is used. In addition, the material is now made of recyclable PET instead of the previous foam material.
The total costs for packaging could be reduced by 86.5%.

Finally, storage space optimization could be implemented, as the new inlays are stackable within themselves.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Axetris AG team, feedback was quickly obtained, discussed and implemented. This enabled the project to progress efficiently.



– Collection of ideas
– Rough concepts
– Cost optimization potential in different areas
– Mock-ups
– Detailed concept
– Suitable suppliers
– Prototypes
– Cost optimized packaging

Scope of performance

– Quota analysis workshop
– Ideation
– Selection process
– Mock-up construction
– Supplier evaluation
– Prototype construction
– Documentation

Project duration

7 months


4 employees of QUO

Process Steps