Book Return System


bibliotheca is an internationally leading technology and service company that has specialised in the development, installation and support of EM / RFID solutions, automatic return and sorting systems, self-service devices and high-performance digital / cloud-based (user) solutions. The bibliotheca Group was established in the spring of 2011 as a result of the merger of three leading companies operating in the library industry. It runs its own subsidiaries in 11 countries and provides its solutions in 70 other countries through selected distribution partners.

In 2016, the decision was taken as part of a cost optimisation project to reduce the wide range of return and sorting systems to a modular system based on the AMH300TM line.

Holistic approach to cost optimization

As part of the project, bibliotheca set itself the goal of reducing the system’s manufacturing costs, designing a modular architecture and achieving a high level of user-friendliness and ease of service at the same time. bibliotheca opted to turn these ambitious goals into a reality with QUO AG. A QUO team, comprising engineers and industrial designers, identified the existing systems’ savings and improvement potential as part of an integrated approach. Based on this careful analysis, QUO worked together with bibliotheca to develop new solutions for the new generation of machines. The ambitious goal of developing a production-ready prototype within 9 months and delivering the first new-generation systems one year after the project launched was met – and impressively so, too. The numbers speak for themselves. During the first 18 months after the product launch, over 170 units were sold and all installations are operating mechanically sound.

QUO’s achievements

Together with shouldcosting, its partner company, the QUO team conducted a cost analysis for the existing AMH300TM system in order to define the savings potential. At the same time, visits were made to various libraries and their service technicians in Switzerland, Germany and the USA for the purpose of conducting a careful needs analysis, and suggestions for improvement for the future system were prepared. A new system architecture was created, mechanical concepts were developed and the system design was reconsidered – all in close cooperation with bibliotheca and the system manufacturer.

Over 20% of the manufacturing costs were saved as a result. The number of parts was reduced by 30%, while the proportion of identical parts has been substantially increased. The system has been given an appealing design and boasts increased functionality. Ease of installation and servicing have also been improved in line with the customer’s requests.

QUO was responsible for overall project management and ensured that all the parties involved adhered to the schedule, budget and target costs.


Functional prototype within 9 months

Cost savings of over 20%
No mechanical faults since introduction

Scope of Performance

User groups’ needs analysis

Cost analysis of the existing system

Identification of potential for optimisation and cost reduction

Development of mechanical concepts

Development of a modular installation system

Development of design features

Calculation of investment costs

Assistance with prototype production

Overall product development

Overall project management

Project Duration

9 months

Core Team