Climate Ceiling System

ATD-Systems Ltd.

Office and administrative buildings pose both indoor climate and acoustic requirements. QUO has designed a new type of ceiling system for ATD systems and taken it to market readiness to avoid the shortcomings of existing thermo-active building systems (TABS) regarding acoustics. The system has successfully established itself on the market and been proven in numerous buildings such as the Credit-Suisse Towers in Zurich Oerlikon or the Green Tower of the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt.

Drawbacks of existing systems

Today, air conditioning in modern functional buildings relies on thermo active components: Water-bearing pipes in the concrete floor warm or cool the ceiling and thus room air depending on water temperature. However, these raw concrete ceilings present issues regarding room acoustics. Conventional acoustic solutions prevent direct contact between air and the concrete surface, thus reducing the air-conditioning effect of TABS.

Pleasant indoor climate and good room acoustics

QUO has designed a new type of ceiling system that combines room acoustics and ambient temperature control. With “Akustiktherm”, water-carrying pipes are not embedded in concrete but integrated into profiles. These will be in direct contact with the concrete surface and guarantee thermal conductivity. Sound absorbing plates may be attached to room-facing sides. Profiles and ceiling panels can be flexibly adapted to uneven surfaces and the floor plan.


System for indoor climate and acoustics
High flexibility in building equipment
Compact design


Requirements analysis
Concept development
Prototyping and testing
Implementation monitoring

Project Duration

20 months

Core Team

3 employees