Convenience Packaging


Convenience products are in vogue but consumers struggle with elaborate packaging and remaining waste. The Swiss retailer Coop commissioned QUO to optimize the packaging of “Betty Bossi” convenience salads according to sustainability criteria. Since summer 2012, the convenience salad with the new packaging has been available on Coop’s shelves. The new design has been well received by consumers and salads sales have significantly increased.

One-third less material

QUO’s design saves 30% on materials costs. The functional and shapely rib structure of the cup allows using a thinner film while maintaining stability. As the convenience salad packaging is square instead of round, production generates less waste. In addition, the new, square salad packaging allows stacking up to six units per transport box instead of four. Transport volume is thus reduced by one-third, which impacts directly the company’s CO2 footprint. Incidentally, recycled PET rose to 75 percent.

Easy handling and manufacturing

The new solution is more consumer-friendly. For example, consumers can use the inlaid-cup as a cover -even upside down – with additional ingredients such as croutons or sauce, shake the cup, and mix sauce and salad. The cup can be conveniently folded for space-saving disposal. Only minor adjustments to existing machines were necessary for production and bottling. Therefore, investments paid off in a very short time. Due to lower material consumption, packaging production costs also dropped.


Unit sales
Reduced packaging cost
Improved sustainability


Requirements analysis and definition of target groups
Concept development and evaluation
Prototype construction
Product launch support

Project Duration

10 months

Core Team

3 employees


DuPont Gold Award
World Star Award
Swiss Star Award