Design of a capsule coffee machine for the Brazilian market

3 corações

The TRES® brand belongs to the 3corações Group and is one of the leading suppliers of capsule coffee systems in Brazil. In order to serve its customers from Brazil and South America even better in the future, TRES® aimed to add a new product family to its existing range. To implement this project, QUO was commissioned with the conception and design of this new product family.

Diverse design challenges

This task presented QUO’s industrial designers with a variety of challenges: On the one hand, a design had to be developed that would suit the South American and especially the Brazilian market, and on the other hand, the design of the new product family had to fit in well with the existing TRES® range. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, QUO first conducted a market study and compared various common household capsule coffee systems in terms of user-friendliness, design, operation and quality of the beverage.
Based on the results, the technical and design requirements were worked out in concepts. QUO designed the new product family of a total of three devices for Tres® and additionally developed one of the devices from concept to final device. During the implementation of the final design of the new Tres® Lov machine, QUO was able to contribute its extensive know-how in the areas of usability engineering, product development and industrial design. During the entire course of the project, the technical feasibility and the requirements of the target market were always kept in mind.

Foundation stone for new product Generation of capsule coffee machines

The further development of the TRES® LOV coffee machine also lays the foundation for a new generation of capsule machines with high recognition value. With its compact design, the new family of machines corresponds to the TRES® range and yet stands out from existing machines.


Suitable design for the South American and Brazilian markets
Manufacturability at target production costs


Design of a new product family (3 machines)
Implementation of the first machine of the product family (Tres LOV)

Project Duration

48 Months

Core Team

3 Employees