Ecological Machine Cleaning in Parquet Production

Bauwerk Boen Group

With this in mind, the Bauwerk Boen Group commissioned QUO to eliminate cleaning agents containing VOCs from the cleaning processes used on its production line. The solution the company was seeking needed to improve on the existing work process in terms of effort and cost.

In its proposals for the reduction of VOC emissions, QUO factored in the consumption of cleaning agents and the simplification of the cleaning process for production staff. Bauwerk Boen Group was presented with various proposals for reducing VOC emissions. These were then implemented in combinations as well as individually. A provider specializing in ecological cleaning agents for industrial processes was also found. Now Bauwerk Boen Group will be able to work with VOC-free cleaning agents in the future.

The QUO team analysed the existing cleaning process. After some internal brainstorming, some more in-depth investigations were undertaken to identify several approaches for reducing VOC emissions. Next, the feasibility was evaluated using experimental and cost models. Bauwerk Boen Group also presented a proposal to gradually phase in the adopted measures.


Approaches tested in experimental and cost models


Process analysis
Brainstorming and idea evaluation
Process optimization
Cost analysis
Experimental verification

Project Duration

2 months

Core Team

2 employees