Flexible Sensor Integration


Under the motto “Beat the Heat!” epyMetrics develops portable solutions to detect early signs of heat stress. Existing sensor units are integrated into a functional model in order to subsequently perform field measurements
to be carried out.

Kickoff and Ideation at QUO

In an ideation sprint on the premises of QUO AG, the requirements were first compared with epyMetrics. For the integration of already existing sensors, the product life cycle, the usage path and various technical drawings were used as a basis. The critical requirements
of the product were also explored in detail in a brainstorming session. Three rough concepts were then implemented in a trystorming session in the simplest possible way in the in-house workshop, tested and then combined into a final concept.

Prototyping in the QUO-Lab

Based on the three rough concepts developed, QUO combined the various subfunctions. QUO tested various designs and material combinations of elastomers and textiles in order to connect the flexible sensor unit with a portable belt. After careful testing, a functional sample was cast using vacuum die-casting, which enabled the functional tests to be carried out.

Agility through cooperation

An essential component for the efficient implementation of this project was the agile know-how transfer between epyMetrics and QUO. This was the only way to ensure that QUO’s developments were compatible with the sensor units developed in parallel by epyMetrics. Thus, a functional model was created in a short time that can be used for initial field tests.


– Functional model
– Production data
– Rendering

Scope of performance

– Design Thinking Workshop
– Analysis, Ideation and Trystorming
– Sample construction

Project duration

5 to 7 weeks


2 to 3 employees

Process Steps