Innovative mounting system

Ernst Schweizer AG

Innovative mounting system for photovoltaic modules

The family-owned company Ernst Schweizer AG develops and distributes modular mounting systems for photovoltaic (PV) modules, which impress with their simplicity and minimal installation effort. PV modules can thus be mounted on flat, pitched and trapezoidal roofs.

In the following project, however, the mounting procedure was made more difficult due to the gravel-covered flat roofs, which endangered the solar systems. Ernst Schweizer AG consulted QUO in the context of this problem for cooperation in the idea generation process.

Design-Thinking Workshop by QUO

In a joint workshop, simple mounting solutions on gravel roofs were sought that would protect the roofing film and ensure the stability of the system. In a first step, the actual situation was analysed on the basis of an example plant and relevant work processes, procedures and installation steps were documented. Subsequently, employees of QUO and Ernst Schweizer AG carried out an interdisciplinary workshop to find creative ideas and in the next phase to combine the various proposed solutions into individual rough concepts. These were then further developed and compared using various evaluation criteria.

Prototyping & Test

In order to test the developed concepts on the example plant, simple sample constructions were produced. Rapid prototyping made it possible to experience the potential and the advantages and disadvantages of the individual concepts directly in the application, which enabled a stronger verification and validation of the concept. After the tests with the prototypes, the concepts were discussed in the group and compared according to the criteria of suitability and feasibility. The developed concepts are now being detailed, verified and the most suitable solutions tested under real conditions at Ernst Schweizer AG.


– 6 tested solution concepts for further development

Scope of Performance

– Definition of the problem and requirements

– Analysis of actual situation

– Design Thinking Workshop (Ideation, concept development, testing)

Project Duration

6 weeks

Core Team

4 employees