Modular Shelving System

Freitag lab. ag

Freitag lab. ag is an innovative Swiss company that takes materials such as truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts and airbags and recycles them into unique bags and accessories. As Freitag continues to develop new products, not least its “F-abric” clothing line launched at the end of October, this places more and more new demands on the fittings in the company’s retail shops. Thus the project’s goal was to develop an innovative shelving system with a modular design that would accommodate the diverse and growing range of Freitag products.

Collaborating towards a common goal

Freitag placed a major emphasis on a close collaboration with QUO’s interdisciplinary development team, the former characterized by short decision paths and quick turnaround times which QUO met by using scrum-like methods. The geographical proximity of the two companies was very advantageous. In addition to delivering an attractive and functional design, the focus laid on cost efficiency and sustainability from the very beginning. The latter is a cornerstone of Freitag’s brand identity. Using iterative concept development, prototype production and physical inspections, QUO and Freitag made rapid progress towards a system ready for serial production.

Reduction to the essentials

The new system has only a few, multifunctional, and highly integrated components made of sheet steel to allow diverse shelving arrangements to be created in almost no time with simple plug-into-place connections. The high modularity allows the sales floor to be used optimally, giving Freitag’s customers a clear overview of the available products. The recyclable and readily available material also meets the Freitag’s trademark standards for design and sustainability. In close cooperation with Freitag, QUO has developed a new shelving system that carries forward the outstanding features of the V30 system, its award-winning predecessor, while significantly expanding the limits of modularity and functionality. QUO also supported Freitag in developing holders for the new iPhone and iPad folders.


multi-functional, highly integrated components
the number of elements reduced to the minimum
quick and simple assembly of shelving displays
good product presentation and overview for Freitag’s customers


needs analysis
technical concept development
prototype construction
functional tests

Project Duration

6 months

Core Team

4 employees