Optimization & Redesign Closure

Zippsafe AG

Zippsafe simplifies smart staff checkrooms and develops space-saving, intelligent checkroom solutions. Its core competencies lie in the development, manufacture and installation of flexible and secure storage solutions for changing rooms and public buildings. The young company approached QUO AG as part of a redesign project. The collaboration involved optimizing the zipper slide and designing a new handle to improve user-friendliness and brand fit and to reduce manufacturing costs.

The iterative design process as key

In the analysis phase, the existing Zippsafe models were tested and the redesign requirements were then defined. Initial concept ideas were quickly implemented in simple mock-ups and then translated into iterative design concepts.

Loops tested and optimized. This way, the key functions and problems of the product were recognized very early in the development process and optimizations could be made. In addition, an initial cost estimate was made with QUO AG’s manufacturing partners and the design was continuously adapted to the manufacturing processes.


– Design Vision
– Mockups & User Tests
– Functional model
– Advice on material selection

Scope of performance

– Design Thinking Workshop
– Analysis, ideation and prototyping
– Pattern making & material selection

Project duration

6 months


3 employees

Process Steps