Blower respiratory protection system

optrel AG

The customer

In 1986, optrel AG pioneered the field of automatically darkening welding helmets as a company. Now a world leader in face and head protection products, respiratory protection solutions and active sunglasses.
Over a hundred thousand occupational safety products are shipped each year. Yet optrel is not a mass producer. Almost every product is unique. Tailored entirely to the needs of the customer.
In everything optrel does, it shares a common goal with its customers. To improve processes sustainably.
The start-up of the past has long since become a global player. The optrel group includes highly specialized operations such as optrel tec ag, in which the entire product development process is bundled. The distribution and logistics network spans the globe and is ensured by our sales companies optrel ag, optrel inc. and optrel sports ag.

Starting point

The continuous pursuit of perfection and the combination of the latest technologies and materials with state-of-the-art production processes are reflected in every optrel product and guarantee all customers, in addition to the highest level of safety, unparalleled comfort and unique design.
This was also the case in the field of blower respiratory protection technology. The goal was to develop an innovative respiratory protection system that complements the existing range and can be used in a variety of ways.

Front-end innovation

Discover Phase
The core team, consisting of 4 employees from optrel and 4 employees from QUO, exchanged existing knowledge in the area of occupational safety in an intensive know-how transfer workshop.

Define Phase
User scenarios were developed and problems identified. From this, requirements were derived and prioritized.

Develop/Test Phase
In a marathon of ideas, the core team generated as many and as wide-ranging ideas as possible over a period of two weeks. These approaches were then evaluated for further development and the most promising ideas were selected in a joint workshop and developed into rough concepts.
Sketches and first mockups supported the detailing of the rough concepts.

Deliver Phase
From the favored rough concept, functional models were produced in several iterative steps. These were tested several times in terms of application, function and working comfort, refined and finally agreed with the final product in many aspects.
The design language and design elements of optrel’s CI/CD were taken into account. Thus, at the end of the development process, a near-series prototype with a refined product design was created.

The product was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

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– Defined requirements and evaluation criteria
– Selected ideas and defined rough concepts
– Functional prototype for testing and optimizing functions and design
– Functional and close-to-production prototype

Scope of performance

– Know-how transfer
– Idea marathon & concept workshop
– Concept deepening & functional prototyping
– Testing and evaluation of functional prototypes
– Product design & prototype
– Documentation

Project duration

24 months


4 employees of optrel and 4 employees of QUO


Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021

Reddot winner 2021

Process Steps