Packaging Solution HealthTech

IDUN Technologies AG

The courageous and visionary start-up IDUN Technologies AG has the ambition to create something groundbreaking and new. Their goal is to influence the world, and they achieve this with state-of-the-art science and product development. IDUN develops revolutionary electrodes and was looking for a user-friendly and sustainable packaging for their first product DRYODE TM. The young start-up company consulted QUO AG for a collaboration in the idea generation process.

Design Thinking Workshop at QUO

In a one-day design thinking workshop, the requirements for the packaging were defined together. Various methods were applied for this purpose. Tools such as personas, task analysis, product life cycle, mood board or the brand steering wheel contributed essentially to the success of the new packaging. In the Ideation, the favored ideas were converted into first samples by means of rapid prototyping in our in-house workshop, which were then tested directly. With this step, key functions were checked at an early stage, errors were identified and the sample was optimized at an early stage of the product development process.

Prototyping in the QUO-Lab

The favored concept from the Design Thinking Workshop was then further detailed by QUO AG and elaborated into a concrete prototype. In addition, suitable suppliers for the packaging were already evaluated. Thanks to the close and agile cooperation with IDUN Technologies AG the results could be discussed, optimized and implemented very quickly.


– Requirements analysis of the packaging
– 3 concepts & 1 prototype
– Rapid research and development
– Reduction of expenses
– Fast market introduction

Scope of performance

– Design Thinking Workshop
– Analysis, ideation and prototyping
– Prototyping and supplier evaluation

Project duration

4 to 8 weeks


3 employees

Process Steps