Perfect Milk Foam


Cappuccino, latte macchiato or coffee with caramel flavor: The coffee culture of Italy and America spreads across the globe. Franke, the world’s leading supplier of professional, fully automatic coffee machines, addresses this trend with the FoamMaster. By pressing a button, the machine not only produces any coffee variation – dark classic, latte macchiato, flavoured espresso, etc. – but also hot and cold milk drinks with foam.

Variable milk foam quality

QUO developed the milk frother concept and supported Franke up to functional models and testing of them. The requirement was to produce foam for cold milk as well. Gear pumps rise and swirl the milk but only produce foam if air has been previously added and can work against pressure. This counter-pressure must be accurately adjusted for different foam quality. The same applies to the air supply and conventional air valves are not a valid option in this context. QUO took vehicle fuel injection as a model and built a pulsating valve for precise air dosing. This allows the production of the finest foam gradations from solid to creamy. Foam quality parameters can be easily set up via the electronic control for specific drinks.

Multi-beverage system

With the FoamMaster, Franke has developed a multi-beverage system that meets the latest, most stringent requirements. Operation is extremely straightforwards thanks to a touch screen user interface with intuitive software, making it suitable for full-service restaurants, as well as for self-service.

FoamMaster is a registered trademark of Franke.


Cold and warm milk foam
Variably adjustable foam consistency
Short foaming time


Requirements analysis
Thermodynamic interpretation
Concept development
Functional models and testing

Project Duration

23 months

Core Team

4 employees