Spring core SmartBed


Spühl is an innovative innerspring engineering company committed to sustainability. Spühl makes a significant contribution to the rest and comfort of people around the world. In more than 150 countries, mattress and innerspring manufacturers rely on its products. In the context of a development for a mattress with increased comfort and the possibility of individualization, the cooperation between Spühl and QUO was born. The result was a functional prototype of a smart mattress that adapts to the needs of the user and convinces with high comfort and individuality.

Methodical idea generation and concept development

In a two-week marathon of ideas, the core team of the project set itself the task of finding solutions for spring-damper elements and sensor technology. The focus was on individualizing the mattress for the user. The resulting ideas were then discussed, refined and evaluated in a joint workshop. From this, 10 rough concepts were developed and three were selected for further in-depth study.

Functional model and demonstrator

In a next step, the favored rough concepts were to be technically developed further. For this purpose, the concepts were first simulated analytically and roughly dimensioned on the basis of the calculated behavior. On this basis, QUO carried out functional tests for individual elements in its in-house workshop, so that it was already ensured at an early stage of the development process that the key functions were fulfilled. After several iterations and functional sample generations, a smart demonstrator mattress with tablet control was built together with Spühl. A milestone has thus been reached, as test users can now experience the functions of the smart mattress first-hand.

The demonstrator will now be used to gather user feedback so that the smart mattress can subsequently be perfected. We are excited to see how SmartBed develops further and are already looking forward to perfect lying comfort.


– Collection of ideas
– 10 rough concepts
– Test and optimization results
– Detailed concepts
– demonstrator

Scope of performance

– Idea marathon
– concept workshop
– concept deepening
– Prototyping
– documentation

Project duration

10 months


4 employees

Process Steps