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PIDAS offers its customers various IT services. In order to increase the efficiency in field support and at the same time to increase end user satisfaction, the KMU has developed an IT machine where defective devices can be individually replaced or additional products can be purchased. With CORA (Cube of Remote Assistance), PIDAS offers a service that allows you to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition. CORA has been on the market since 2017 and has been continuously developed since then. In 2019, new requirements for the functions and possibilities of device storage in the compartments were defined and the implementation was initiated with the development partner Landolt Engineering AG.

Services from QUO

The new generation of CORA is designed to give the company the ability to store multiple devices in a single compartment while maintaining reliable control over current stock levels. This will enable PIDAS CORA to offer vending machines and to provide end users with consumables and other small parts. At the request of PIDAS, QUO AG was consulted for the identification of solutions for the detection of several products in one compartment.

Workshop @ QUO

Together with PIDAS and Landolt Engineering, QUO AG defined the requirements in a workshop, conducted a first search for ideas and selected the most exciting approaches for further consolidation. In the subsequent technology research, various solution approaches were tested for their suitability and the potential costs for series implementation were clarified. In addition, potential suppliers were also evaluated. Based on the results, PIDAS was able to decide on the appropriate technology, which fits into your schedule and with which the function should be implemented.

The new version of CORA is available since January 2020. In the standard configuration, eight compartments are equipped with a weighing cell, which makes it possible to determine the number of existing products in each compartment. This way the end user knows in advance if his product is still available and the operator of CORA can automatically determine his stock and place repeat orders if necessary.


– Broad technology research
– Decision basis for the Technology Selection

Scope of performance

– Development of evaluation criteria
– Creative Workshop
– Technology research
– Consolidation of the results for Decision

Project duration

4 weeks


3 employees

Process Steps