Tracking System for Sheep

TECSAG Technology Innovation AG

The aim of the Alptracker is to make shepherds’ everyday working lives easier. A GPS tracker is fastened around every sheep’s neck, enabling the shepherd to track the flock’s movements. TECSAG uses a LoRa (low-power wide-area) network to locate the animals’ position even in the most rugged valleys of the Alps.

TECSAG already had an electronics concept that offered optimised energy consumption and transmission power in place when it contacted QUO. It was QUO’s job to develop a protective casing and an optimised sheep collar based on this technology. In every requirements analysis, QUO focuses on the user and their requirements – even if this is quite literally a beastly challenge.

This was the starting point for QUO’s interdisciplinary team. The core Alptracker team is made up of a vet, who is also an engineer, and an experienced product designer. Through constructive discussions and specific needs assessments, they were able to build a bridge between traditional values and modern technology. After a repetitive creative process, the team visited shepherds and their livestock in the pen during the design stage and brought along concepts and functional models. The team then tested the models and their handling on site. First-hand experience in securing the collars in the pen and the traditional sheep bells were taken into account, as was the importance of the buckles’ alignment, which can be crucial for a happy alpine summer.

Using the design concept developed by QUO, TECSAG and its production partner were able to launch an initial Alptracker series in time for the 2017 alpine summer.


High-quality and integrated design language
Easy handling
Mechanical concept

Scope of Performance

Requirements analysis
Design concepts
Mechanical concepts
Conceptual design
Functional models
Usability test

Project Duration

2 months

Core Team

2 employees