Extraordinary solutions due to interdisciplinary team


A wide range of perspectives allows for unusual solutions and sometimes it is exactly what a customer needs to achieve a breakthrough in product development.
QUO has set itself the goal of offering its customers exactly that: An interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds that can offer our customers extraordinary solutions and thus contribute to their success.
Also in October we welcomed new colleagues and leave them the floor for a short introduction:

ERNST ROTH, manufacturing expert:

My passion is to turn good ideas into good products. I look forward to contributing my many years of experience to the QUO team and developing it further.
I am convinced that engineering is teamwork. The more varied the background of the project team members, the more likely it is that extraordinary solutions will be found for the customer’s problems. An interdisciplinary team, as at QUO, is therefore in a position to develop exactly such solutions. For me, these are products that meet the needs of users in terms of function, feel, appearance and costs.

During my long professional career I was able to fill my backpack with valuable experience: From basic training as a machine mechanic, over 30 years of design experience in cost-down projects to access to a broad network of suppliers. This enables me to support our customers in the development of new products and to optimize existing products.
At QUO, I am looking forward to becoming part of an innovative development team and developing tomorrow’s products, processes and technologies together with our customers.

JONAS DUNST, Development Engineer

The red thread in my career is the materials. Starting with an apprenticeship as an electroplater, through a bachelor’s degree in Materials and Process Engineering to a master’s degree where I mainly worked with organic semiconductors.
In spite of the common denominator of these activities, it was their versatility that attracted me. Whenever there is something new to learn and discover, my interest is quickly aroused. I am really thrilled when the whole task is complemented by a tricky problem.

At QUO I find exactly these challenges. I look forward to supporting the interdisciplinary team and learning new things from my colleagues.

SEBASTIAN HÖRTEIS, Development and calculation engineer

Critical thinking and the questioning of products and processes is one of the most important things I have learned in my professional career so far. The art is to ask the right questions at the right time. These are most likely to arise when the tasks set are viewed from as many different perspectives and backgrounds as possible.
Due to the interdisciplinary team, this is one of QUO’s strengths and I am very happy to contribute to it.

Following my training as a graduate engineer and MSc in mechanical engineering, I worked mainly in the field of fluid and structural dynamics. My focus was on the meaningful application of modern development tools and the validation of simulation results in order to achieve the best possible result in the development of new products.
I am now looking forward to contributing my knowledge to QUO, to successfully implementing diverse projects together in this great interdisciplinary team and to inspiring our customers with extraordinary solutions.

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