Andreas Halbleib has been the new Managing Director of QUO since the beginning of September. The mechanical engineer has many years of sales and management experience in the industry and has led numerous change processes in large corporations. He explains how he intends to incorporate this expertise at QUO and where he would like to make changes. Mr Halbleib, you’ve been the new Managing Director of QUO since September. What intrigues you about this company? The topic of innovation appealed to me immediately. I’ve always had a strong creative side; even as a child, I wanted to be an inventor. I also like the dynamic, young team and the open, flat organisational structure. I have a feeling that I’m going to find the design freedom that I’m after here. QUO is also open to unconventional ideas. What are the most important experiences from your work to date that you can incorporate at QUO? I have worked in the machine industry in sales, as a product manager and a sales manager for a long time. This has made me realise that the customer should always come first. I’m also an experienced change driver. For example, I consolidated the technologies of Lafarge and Holcim during their merger. Change processes like these always start with the people. My role is to lead a team into a change process and, in doing so, involve the people affected. Naturally, the organisation or the products will also change as a result of this close cooperation and joint approach. What are QUO’s strengths? The combination of design and technology, the professionalism of every single person working there, the immense passion, the excellent team spirit and the strongly anchored sense of identity. But this anchor can also become a challenge. What do you mean by that? If people identify too strongly with what they do, this can also rob them of their flexibility. QUO is 18 years old and has established itself in the meantime. This is inevitable. But our environment is changing. We need to question the status quo without tearing up our strong roots. We need to become pioneers once more. How would you like to further develop the company? I would like to strengthen our service profile. Our services should be tailored more specifically to industries and various corporate structures such as SMEs, start-ups or large corporations. We will shortly carry out a team analysis to decide which technologies we will use to position ourselves. Trends such as digitalisation, blockchain and nanotechnology topics are also part of this. We would like to further strengthen the path that we have already started down and to enter into partnerships with our customers more frequently instead of working together on individual projects. This will allow us to think more long-term and will give us more room to move. But our customers will also benefit in the sense that they can flexibly expand their expertise with us as a “sparring partner”. How will your customers perceive these changes? We will be even happier and more at ease. Our customers will notice that we have even more capacity for change and innovation, and will view us as an even stronger partner as a result. Last but not least, we will also be more visible. What is your vision for QUO? I would like to draft the vision together with the employees. The key words that resonate with me are enjoyment, crazy ideas, a solution-oriented approach and long-term partnerships between equals.

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