When he was on the lookout for an industrial internship towards the end of his studies in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, Stefan Stahl found QUO, then still known as awtec, to be an interesting employer, where he went on to write his master’s thesis on metallic glasses. He was fascinated by their elasticity, strength and the demanding nature of the manufacturing process. After having worked on around 150 projects at QUO, it is the technical complexity of coffee machines that intrigues him more than anything: hydraulics, electronics, process engineering, thermodynamics, pneumatics and indulgence all come together in every good cup of coffee. In the meantime, Stefan has chosen to shift his focus to thermo and fluid dynamics. “I am fascinated by the challenge of achieving a goal with as little energy and as few components or consumables as possible,” he explains enthusiastically. He is passionate about the combination of analytical simulation and practical experiments that really sparks his curiosity. His customers and his team also respect his calm, professional manner and experience in project management. He treasures QUO as an employer, the diverse nature of the projects, partners and topics and his contacts with their broad knowledge and mental flexibility. Stefan Stahl is always keen to take on new responsibilities that allow him to further himself technically and on a personal level. We would like to congratulate Stefan Stahl on his company anniversary, thank him for his great commitment, and look forward to continuing our collaboration with him.

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